A Digital Shrewsbury, Yr Amwythig Ddigidol

It is easier for Welsh people from all the counties to meet together in Shrewsbury than anywhere in Wales.

Wyn Griffith, The Welsh, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1968 [1950].

Writing at the start of the 1950s, Wyn Griffith highlighted the transport barrier between north & south Wales and its effect on the formulation of a Welsh character.  Whether or not these difficulties have been overcome is open to debate, but in terms of connecting those who work in the digital humanities in Wales, this blog aims to be a digital meeting place for promoting, raising awareness and discussing ongoing projects from all over the country.

It does not aim to be a one stop shop for digital humanities activity in Wales, rather a forum for individuals, departments and organisations to showcase their work and to establish new liaisons.  To this end, it is not a rigid organisation or physical centre but a peer-moderated network of digital scholars in the humanities.  The network is administered from the National Library of Wales and this blog is maintained by some of the PhD students affiliated to the library.  If you use digital methods in your humanities research or professional practice (in libraries, archives or museums) and would like to share your work here, please contact:

WIDAHblog@gmail.com or, @WIDAHblog


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